Marian teaches breast cancer patients how to decrease pain, tightness, and fatigue, improve mobility, and develop mind body balance using movement therapy.

Wondering if you should be exercising? Is it safe? Can it really help?

The Exercise Readiness Workbook is just for cancer patients and takes you step-by-step through the process of discovery.

Grab your Free Workbook!

Why Movement Therapy?

  • improve your energy and reduce fatigue
  • provide a method to take back control in your life
  • increase range of motion after surgery
  • balance energy between mind and body
  • decrease risk and limit effects of lymphedema
  • provide a targeted outlet for emotions
  • decrease risk of cancer recurrence
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve posture and alignment
  • decrease pain and tightness
  • build confidence and feel empowered

I’m Marian Barnick, a Registered Kinesiologist and Cancer Movement Therapist.

I’d love to help you get back to doing the things you love.

Recent Blog Posts

"I noticed a difference right away. I was able to complete activities at home that I wasn't able to do before I started treatment with Marian."
Brigitte S.
"I can't believe that you were able to figure out exactly what I needed to do and the source of all my pain. You've given me hope that I can get back to my life."
Client of Marian's
"Marian is great. She makes sure what I do in the gym is safe for me and it has improved my strength and energy."
Lucy F.
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