Keep Moving and Stay Safe during the COVID-19

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation for covid-10

I am blessed to have an online platform to support breast cancer patients with Movement Therapy.

As the world is in flux and so much is changing, it’s important to keep you and your family safe.  This may mean that you’re not comfortable attending the gym, your local clinic, or at the hospital for exercise sessions.

I do NOT want you to stop moving.  

So I’m offering FREE online Breast Cancer Rehabilitation classes.  Just an internet connection and the desire to Move Well.  Please join me and keep working toward your Best Potential.


I'm Marian

I provide exceptional Movement Therapy to support the goal that every breast cancer patient has the opportunity to become a Kick Ass Thriver

I’m Marian Barnick, a Registered Kinesiologist and Cancer Movement Therapist.

I implement The Foundations First Protocol within all my programs and treatments.  

Building a solid foundation with a safe and effective breast cancer exercise and rehab protocol, gives women the physical and emotional strength to Kick Butt and reach their Best Potential.

Breast Cancer Rehab
So many benefits of Moving Well

  • get rid of tightness
  • yes there is help with fatigue
  • improve your mental heath
  • better balance
  • reduce recurrence risk
  • re-align your posture
  • move without aching
  • ditch that constant pulling
  • improve lymphedema and reduce your risk
  • help with stress and anxiety
  • build confidence

Recent Posts

"I noticed a difference right away. I was able to complete activities at home that I wasn't able to do before I started treatment with Marian."
Brigitte S.
"I can't believe that you were able to figure out exactly what I needed to do and the source of all my pain. You've given me hope that I can get back to my life."
Marian's Client
"Marian is great. She makes sure what I do in the gym is safe for me and it has improved my strength and energy."
Lucy F.
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What You Need to Know

  • Toronto
  • Aug 28
  • 7 pm
  • FREE
walking after breast cancer

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