About Marian

I'm absolutely passionate about movement because I've seen the amazing benefits not only with my patients but for myself as well.

When an insurance company sent me to evaluate a breast cancer patient for a routine assessment of her ability to return to work, little did I know that this would be life changing for me.
The woman was living with so many limitations in her day to day life after surviving breast cancer. And she believed this was just part of her life now, as a survivor. No one ever told her to stretch, to move. No one suggested movement therapy after surgery. She had no idea that she could do more OR that she should expect more.

That was the moment I started my journey in developing specific movement therapy to support breast cancer patients.

Patients are lost and struggling to find a way to recuperate after surgery and treatment. Oncologists treat cancer but the quality of life for many survivors is miserable. And that's because the key to getting back to an active life, with activities you love, and free from limitations of scar tissue, fatigue, and tightness, is with movement therapy.

Right from the start, my patients start gaining control, overcoming fears, and building confidence as they decrease pain, increase movement, and start to see the improvements in their function. Fatigue starts to diminish and the activities that seemed impossible become achievable goals.

I love to support and encourage with just the right amount of 'push' so patients can move step-by-step through each level. This progression helps develop a better sense of self and a feeling of empowerment to take on even more challenges.

The positive feedback from seeing and feeling the physical benefits from cancer movement therapy gives patients even greater rewards with improvements in emotional and mental health.

I truly believe that Movement is the starting point for better Quality of Life.


Over the past 25+ years, my work has provided me an amazing opportunity to meet, evaluate, and rehabilitate thousands of people from all walks of life.

After graduating from University of Waterloo I began working with patients – both evaluating movement and treating injuries.  I discovered the thrill of working with cancer patients in 2005.  I became completely engrossed in the research on exercise and cancer and was so excited to help cancer patients that I developed my own exercise protocols and presented them to Sunnybrook Hospital, in Toronto, ON. 

The  Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital met with me and we took our time reviewing the science behind my protocols and all the benefits for cancer patients.My hard work and perseverance paid off as Sunnybrook Hospital approved my protocols and I began working with their cancer patients in 2006.

I became a Registered Kinesiologist because of my love of how the body moves.  I continued with my studies and certifications but have always needed a human connection in my work.

I love that I’ve been able to combine my education and my skills to create the perfect job for me.  I get to evaluate movement, provide treatment that makes a difference, and support patients in a community  where I feel I can make the most difference.

just the facts

Registered Kinesiologist with over 25 years experience
Developer of WELLFIT Cancer Program,2005

Cancer Exercise Program approved by Sunnybrook Hospital and Odette Cancer Centre, 2006

Developer of Your Next Move Post Surgery Breast Cancer Program

Registered Member of the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario
Professional Member of the Ontario Kinesiology Association
Member of the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance

FMS Certified Levels 1 and 2
Kinesio Taping 1 and 2

Certified Work Capacity Evaluator: Roy Matheson and Associates
Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist Candidate: Roy Matheson and Associates

Conference Speaker, Cancer Exercise Protocols: Canadian Personal Trainers Network, 2017

About Me...

I’m a mom, a wanna be athlete, a forever student, and someone who believes that touching a life in a positive way can make all the difference.  I love figuring out exactly what’s needed to help each of my patients.  It’s like looking at all the pieces of the puzzle and seeing how they work together.

Just like puzzle pieces that get worn around the edges, muscles and joints and necks and shoulders can get damaged as well.  This can be through disease, age, surgeries, and many other reasons.  Discovering what needs help is through the skill of evaluating movement.

The excitement for me comes with the planning of how to help my patients.  I develop a personal, step-by-step program of corrective exercises and movement strategies to work on the issues I discover during the evaluation.

Although individual pieces may need help, the true test of a great program is when all the pieces move well together.  So when we walk, and bend, and reach, and lift, there’s a flow, a symmetry, and an ease in our movement.  That’s always my goal.

It’s important to me that I make a difference.  My son learns from me every day and I love that he sees how much joy that work can bring and that helping others isn’t a challenge but a gift.

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