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The Best Shoulder Mobility Exercises improve Your Range of Motion without Risk to Other Areas

There are way too many ways to cheat on your shoulder mobility exercises.

And that’s one of the reasons that breast cancer survivors still have shoulder pain and problems years and years after treatment.

I’m feeling a little ‘preachy’ today so I’m going to get right into it.

Giving you a pamphlet with wall crawls is not going to help you move well.  The pamphlet that you’re handed after breast cancer surgery, or that you find online, is supposed to your guide for  shoulder mobility exercises.

But when your shoulder isn’t moving properly, when it’s tight and sore, your body’s going to find a way to cheat.  Because the goal is all wrong.  These exercises have set the goal of crawling up the wall, not teaching your body HOW to do it.

If you don’t know what to look for, AND how to correct it, your body is going to start compensating to reach the goal and avoid the pain and tightness.

You need to Move Well from the start.  I know you looked at that online video that told you to put a little piece of tape on the wall and to keep trying to reach further.  The problem is, the video isn’t telling you not to arch your back, not to rotate your pelvis, not to lean to one side, not to….I could go on.

So unless you’re a Health Care Professional, trained in both body biomechanics and cancer, you’re going to need support in recognizing the patterns, the compensations, and providing you solutions so you get the most out of your shoulder mobility exercises.

And that’s how you’re going to reach your best potential.

I don’t want you a year from now saying “it still hurts”.  I don’t want you to give up and say, “Well I guess that’s it, this is my New Normal”.

NO WAY!!!!!

A year from now I want you to say, “Holy Sh#*t!  I feel awesome!  Look at what I can do!  I love my body and all it’s capable of doing!”

I’m not concerned with the piece of tape on the wall.  I’m concerned with how you move your shoulders, stabilize your core, and balance your body in order to reach.  A year from now, you will too.

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