Balance Exercises Promote Better Body Alignment

balance exercises
Marian Barnick

Marian Barnick

Marian is a Registered Kinesiologist and Movement Therapist teaching clients how to decrease pain and tightness, improve abilities, and feel better both body and mind. Marian's practice focuses on busy high achievers and breast cancer patients.


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Body and Mind Alignment Help Balance Exercises

Being in Balance is more than just Balance Exercises for the body.

You’ll get the best results when you develop a strategy that allows your mind to help your body reach its best potential.



Your body needs to work on positioning to have better balance.  Tight muscles, stiff joints, and asymmetries are issues that can pull the body out of positioning and have you feeling unsteady.



When that’s a problem, balance exercises are important to work on the areas that need help.


But positioning is more than when the muscles and bones have to offer.



When we’re out of alignment, it’s generally because of poor adaptation.  The body compensates when there’s a weakness or inability, and finds the easiest way to function.



So when you want to ‘up your game’ whether it’s to improve your fitness, your sport, or just feel safer and more in control of your body, your mind’s going to play a big role in helping you achieve better results.



The mind controls the body.  So when you’re trying to change an automated – yet improper movement, it’s going to take patience, mindfulness, and resetting neural pathways.



Reinforcing the new pathways is a key component to automating your alignment so it becomes second nature to your body.


Try out this exercise that focuses on aligning your body, using your mind to ‘set’ the positioning, and then reinforcing the new position by moving in and out of alignment.


It’s training for the body and the mind.


If you want to continue your work on balance, check out this #mondaymoveswithmarian video
Knee Slides in Kneeling


balance exercises

Marian Barnick

With 25+ years experience, Marian’s passion is teaching clients how to use movement to reach their best potential. 

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