Monday Moves with Marian

Ditch Your Back Pain Series for Breast Cancer Patients & Thrivers

I’m so happy you’ve joined!

This Series is going to be lots of fun and there’s 3 things I need to you do to get ready for the Workshop.

#1) Mark the date and time on your calendar.

Workshop #1 is Friday February 7 at noon EST.

2) Try out the strategies outlined in MMM and make your list of questions you’ve got for me.

Remember nothing is too small to ask – if you don’t know, then ask.

3) Be on the lookout for the emails that will guide you and get your ready for the Workshop.

Can’t wait to meet you.


breast cancer rehab


We’re talking neutral postures this week.

It’s all about how you sit and aligning your posture.

breast cancer


MMM Week #2

Are you Ready?

This link is active on February 10th.



The Final Move!

Let’s complete the final step and get you feeling great!