Breast Cancer Exercise For Better Balance
Breast Cancer Rehab
Marian Barnick

Marian Barnick

Registered Kinesiologist and Human Movement Specialist


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Breast Cancer Exercise

So you’re wondering what your next step is, why you’ve been doing breast cancer exercise that focuses on rehabilitation.  That means working on your range of motion, proper body biomechanics, and movement efficiency to help with fatigue.

It’s definitely a time that’s required to focus on yourself and your best potential.


Here’s why.

  • You want to feel safe why you’re walking and not off balance and timid
  • You want to decrease your fatigue, truly, decrease it
  • You want to ditch the knee and hip pain
  • You want to move faster and feel stronger
  • You want to reach your goals
  • You want to feel the Power and Energy that comes from Moving Well

Now I added #6 myself because I know how much power movement can bring.  


But only if you Move Well.  Because if you don’t, you get all those awful side effects; the aches, pains, fatigue, sore muscles, and never feel like you’re making progress.


Breast Cancer Exercise is not just about walking.  It’s about ensuring your body has the tools it needs for the activities you want in your life.


This can include everything from daily activities around the house to running your first marathon.



For each breast cancer survivor, the need for movement efficiency that comes from proper body biomechanics is what makes the difference.



No wasted energy, no increased pain from compensations, and getting your body ready for your best potential.




So today’s #MMM focuses on the 3 steps (literally!) that you need to take when you get out there and walk.


There can be side effects that directly and indirectly effect balance and coordination.  So it’s important to set proper foundational movement patterns that help the body set proper neural pathways for long term success and safety.


If you’re looking for more great information on breast cancer exercise click the link below.

Great Breast Cancer Exercise

As you work through your stretches and exercises, one of the things  you might discover is that your posture might need a little help.



When your body is out of alignment, it takes more energy for you to hold that posture.


More muscles are required when your body’s not in a neutral position and this also effects your balance.


When you work with proper body biomechanics a simple exercise like a split stance can be an amazing part of your breast cancer exercise routine. 

Click the link below for video training for a great exercise that will help you with posture, balance, and walking.



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