Breast Cancer Exercise: Helping You Walk Better
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Marian Barnick

Marian Barnick

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Breast Cancer Exercise: Patients Have Hip Pain When Walking

This exercise may sound silly but breast cancer exercise is no joke. 


Often times breast cancer exercise is limited to just walking.  And that’s a disservice to breast cancer survivors.


Breast Cancer Exercise is More Than Walking


A good exercise program can include walking but not at the cost of leaving out other important components to support breast cancer survivors.

There needs to be the provision of mobility, stability, and strength within a breast cancer exercise program.  This supports the body and mind post surgery, during treatment, and long term.


A FUNCTIONAL Breast Cancer Exercise Program

One of the biggest problems that limit breast cancer patients and survivors from improving their fitness is due to pain and fatigue.


When a proper breast cancer rehabilitation program is followed up with foundational exercise, it ensures breast cancer survivors don’t increase pain in their hips, knees, and feet when they progress their exercise.


EXERCISE to Improve Walking


One of the great ways to improve stability, strength, and coordination is with this glute exercise.  Often times breast cancer survivors have a change in their gait pattern because of decreased movement in their shoulders.

The lack of proper arm swing causes compensations in walking stride that pulls you out of alignment.  Over time, the glutes stop firing and hip flexors get tight and sore.

This exercise (check out the video above) works:

your glutes

stretches your adductors

works on your balance

gets your core engaged

helps develop proper body alignment

…and all while having fun in your slippers.


A quick note, you can do this in your socks and you HAVE to be careful and don’t go crazy with the sliding.  It’s all about control.  That’s how you get the core engagement by keeping the control of your movement.



If you’re looking for more help with body biomechanics to improve fitness and decrease pain, check out the link below:



And if you’ve got specific questions related to breast cancer exercise, make sure to join the No Excuses Private Group with the link right here.

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