If you’re like most breast cancer survivors 

breast cancer exercise

you know how important exercise is for recovery and longevity

shoulder range of motion

But you also know treatment can make every day tasks a struggle

Correcting Your Body Alignment is the Best Way to Improve Mobility and Decrease Fatigue After Breast Cancer.

Are You

If you answered yes to any of these, it’s probably due to compensations in your movement patterns.


And your breast cancer exercise program may be reinforcing the problems.  



Your Body is amazing because it finds a way to keep you functional.  You need to get to the bathroom, climb out of bed, and get in and out of the car.


But because of changes to your body from surgery, treatment, and being deconditioned, your body develops compensates to perform these functions.


These compensations limit your recovery and increase your fatigue.


Breast Cancer Exercise is important but it puts you at risk if your body is working out of alignment.


You Need to Learn How to Move Well

Breast Cancer Biomechanics


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