Marian Barnick

Marian Barnick

Marian is a Registered Kinesiologist and Cancer Movement Therapist who teaches people diagnosed with breast cancer how to use movement to kickstart their journey back to health.

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Walking is amazing.  I want you to walk.  But not until you’re sure you’ve got some good movement in the shoulders.  The lack of information available to breast cancer patients makes it extremely confusing to figure out the steps after surgery.  Everywhere you turn, there’s messages telling you to exercise.  But what’s that mean?  Is it the same 150 minutes of walking a week after surgery as that restricted for 5 years post treatment?  Breast Cancer Patients need a step-by-step protocol to advise on what’s safe and when.

So I’m telling you to start with mobility.  Start with the foundational shoulder movements.  Get these moving well and then add walking.  Watch my video and I’ll explain the 5 reasons why this is so important.



5 Reasons Why Breast Cancer Patients Need Shoulder Mobility Before Walking 1

Marian Barnick

With 25+ years experience, Marian’s passion is teaching patients how to use movement to overcome adversities. 

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