I’m a Registered Kinesiologist and Cancer Movement Therapist.

I utilize the POWER Program: Progressive Oncology Women’s Exercise Rehab.


Simply put, this means that my Breast Cancer Rehab treatment is:

based on women’s cancer exercise research

is structured to progress you toward your goals

starts with foundational movement strategies to ensure safety

is grounded in Moving Well through proper biomechanics and rehab principles

is structured to empower women by optimizing the mental benefits of functional rehab


If you’re a breast cancer patient, survivor, or thriver, reach out so we can discuss your Goals and how I can help you achieve success with Movement Therapy.


I provide Group Coaching as well as Private One-on-One Treatment Options.


As a Regulated Health Care Professional my fees may be covered under your Extended Health Care Benefits.

All services, unless stated otherwise or arranged privately, are completed virtually, through a secure online connection.



Breast Cancer Rehab

It’s no secret that breast cancer patients should be exercising.  But The Gap is what stops patients from moving from a Survivor to a Thriver and reaching their Goals of returning to an Active Lifestyle.

Using the POWER Program ensures a step-by-step structured program of Breast Cancer Rehab.  This is essential for both short term success and long term quality of life.  Check out the latest Research.  Links below.

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