The Exercise Blueprint

to get rid of the pain, swelling, and tightness after breast cancer surgery


Are You Ready?  

How frustrated are you every time you reach and move and feel the pull and the pain?

How angry are you getting that as time goes by you’re not getting that  movement back.  

You’ve been doing as you’re told, following the advise of the Oncologist, doing the moves on the pamphlet they gave you,  but…it’s not helping.


And those BAD thoughts come floating in – What if this is it?

And you have your breakdown.  Then wipe the tears away and pick yourself back up and say, “I’ll just push harder”.



I am here to tell you pushing harder is not the answer.

I’ve been working with patients for over 25 years and  grit and determination only get you so far.


You Need A Strategy to get you where you want to be.  

To get to your Best Potential.

And that’s what you’re missing. 

What’s The GAP?  

It’s that space between surgery and your goals. 


And after breast cancer surgery, patients can get stuck in The Gap.  


You want to know why?  

Because there’s no plan of support after surgery. 

 There’s no help to teach you how to get moving towards your goals.  

You’ve been told to exercise – lead a healthy life, but no one’s telling you how?  

The HOW is what I do.

The Foundational Movement Framework.

And it’s missing for Breast Cancer Patients.


Here’s what’s missing. 

The guidance, the strategy, the treatment the step-by-step process.  

You see this in the recovery process for patients after back surgery, knee surgery, shoulder surgery. 

No one’s telling a patient after knee surgery to “just go and exercise” , “use your leg as you normally would.” 

So why is this ok for breast cancer patients?


It’s time to fill The Gap with  step-by-step guidance to support a full recovery.  

That takes you from point A to B to C …

That would be absolutely amazing, you’re thinking – that’s what I need!  

The Foundational Movement Framework is designed to work with how your body heals.  

A step-by-step progressive program that let’s you Level Up when your body is ready.  And what’s required is having a solid platform to build on –  the Foundations.

And that’s what the Foundational Movement Framework teaches.  

It’s all about HOW to move and where to start.


A strategy that’s specific for each patient based on your abilities post surgery.


The Foundational Movement Framework (FMF) is your rehab.  Teaching you AND your body how to recover.  

It’s a plan, a strategy, it’s what you’ve been missing and the solution to the aches, pain, and tightness that’s in the way of your goals.


The ‘New Normal’ isn’t for you.  

You want your Best Potential.   

So I’m going to ask you again.

Are you READY?

 If you’re serious about getting you life back after diagnosis and treatment – then you need to move.  

And your need to Move Well.


Your Next Move Group Coaching was created for Breast Cancer Patients with a Goal to Get Back to Active and who are ready to Kick Butt.

Using the Foundational Movement Framework, you’ll learn HOW to move, what needs work, and how to achieve your Best Potential with your personal Movement Strategy.

So, if you’ve been struggling to figure out what to do to help you move, how to stretch, or even where to start…

I’ve got you covered.

What Are You Dreaming of Doing After Treatment?

And How Do You Get There?

You need to start with Movement Therapy- a fancy phrase for rehab.

And Cancer Movement Therapy is specifically designed based on the disease and treatment side effects that affect recovery.

Breast Cancer Patients who want to make their Goals a reality have taken action. 

I know, I work with these women, and I see their results.

But finding a clinic, a trained therapist, making appointments, and spending hundreds of dollars a week isn’t easy for most people.

That’s why I developed Your Next Move Group Coaching as an online program.

To support Breast Cancer Patients who need the Foundational Movement Framework but can’t find this support within their community.

So if you’ve been thinking about what you’d LOVE to be doing 6 months from now, 12 months from now, a year from now, you should consider Your Next Move

The Strategy that no one gave you after surgery. 

And that’s what you need.


A safe place to start, a weekly schedule  that progresses you from one level to the next, someone to push when it’s time, and someone to keep you Moving and Motivated.

gait assessment

You can keep searching online, add a stretch here and there that you find on the internet and try to push harder.  You can try to get back to your exercise classes and hope you’ll be OK.

Or you can grab Your Next Move.

Designed for exactly what breast cancer patients need after surgery, Your Next Move Group Coaching is literally your next move because it guides you across The Gap and towards your Best Potential.  

Here’s What Clients Are Saying:

I didn’t even know what was wrong. I was in pain and had problems moving. I can’t believe how you figured out exactly what I needed just by watching how I moved.  CG

Why It Works
After surgery, after treatment, there’s a specific way that your body heals.  

And Your Next Move was developed to work through each level of healing for breast cancer patients.  


This gives patients the best results, without a gap, and allows you to move forward with exercise, in the way the body needs to recuperate.



Your Next Move is a step-by-step framework presented in an online format with Live Weekly Sessions PLUS  easy to follow videos right at your finger tips.  

We start by determining what’s moving well and what needs help.

Your workbook contains the areas of focus and then we get to work on your specific Foundational Movement Strategy.

And you’re guided each week so you progress faster, Level Up, and move toward those goals.

And being online makes this so easy!

No forgetting what your Therapist said once you leave the clinic.  We’ve got private weekly live consultations, a private group so you can ask questions, seek advice, and oh ya, it’s all from your home. 

No driving, no parking, no boots, no bras.  

Whatever you’re comfortable in is what you get to wear.


This is on your schedule. 

I‘m coming right into your living room with you and if you decided it’s nap time, the training’s still right there for you – just log in.

Your Next Move is a program for patients who don’t want to be patients, who want to move, feel awesome, and exercise with a smile on their face, feeling that awesome feeling of an amazing workout.

Who Am I?

Marian live event pic

I’m Marian.

 I’m a Registered Kinesiologist and a Cancer Movement Therapist who has the best job in the world.  


I’ve worked in the field of movement and rehabilitation for over 25 years, treating, coaching, motivating and supporting patients to reach their goals of an active life.


As a regulated health care professional your safety is always my top priority and as a Cancer Movement Therapist, I’m trained to know exactly how to work with patients diagnosed with cancer as well as the difficulties and side effects that come from various forms of treatment.


Movement is Power.  

This is my belief and how I live my life as well.  I’ve gone through a number of diagnoses and surgeries and I know, first hand, how movement is key to getting back to a life I want – a life that’s active, fun, and vibrant.


And that’s why I developed Your Next Move.  A program just for breast cancer patients who are up for the challenge of reaching their Best Potential. 

I’m bring you the Movement Strategies you need based not only on my education but also my experience.


I’ve got you covered for movement, safety, progress, and motivation and would love to be your Coach.

What patients say about working with Marian:

I can’t believe that you were able to figure out exactly what I needed to do and the source of all my pain.  You’ve given me hope that I can get back to my life. PC

If you’re ready to make your move.  

Ready to say YES to you and your goals.  

Ready to say YES to Your Best Potential in 2020, I’d love to be your Coach.

So Here's What You Get!

  • 4 weeks of ongoing Movement Therapy starting January 27, 2020
  • Setup of your Movement Strategy specifically based on your current abilities, limitations, and goals
  • Weekly One Hour Live Training Sessions with Marian every Monday 
  • Weekly Wrap Up and Q & A Live every Friday to review questions, strategies, and provide support
  • Replays of all Live Trainings in the Movement Video Library
  • Online private Group for Collaboration, Discussion, and Support
  • Video resource Library to support Moving Well with all the assigned exercises and corrective strategies
  • Personal Workbook, Rating Scales, and Daily Programming
  • Training, Motivation, Movement…oh ya, and feeling awesome!
  • $497 (YES! less than 5 therapy appointments)
  • Click the button below and let’s get started!
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