Exercise Helps Breast Cancer Patients Treated With Radiation

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Exercise Helps Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Radiation I remember meeting this patient, years and years ago, who lived way out in the country.  It was a four hour drive to go and see her.  I know it was a long time ago because I was driving my 1994 Celica GTS at the time.  I […]

Big Win for Cancer Therapy Research

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Big Win for Cancer Therapy Research We know that cancer cells are sneaky. And they find remarkable way to stay alive. What we’ve discovered is that they’re even able to shut down the cells in our immune system – the T-cells – that hunt down and kill infections, damaged cells and yes, cancer cells. There’s a […]

The Lady in the Pink Sweater

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The Lady in the Pink Sweater My brain is finally slowing down.  I had a week-end of information overload.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s been great and I am sad my course is over. For me, the best part of any activity is the social part – meeting everyone.  I’m considered by most to […]

Cancer Exercise Requires Individual Prescription

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Cancer Exercise Rehab is Unique for Each Patient I was sitting on the sofa reviewing some research articles as I sometimes do with my morning coffee.  Besides the really bad ergonomic posture of doing this with a laptop (don’t tell my ergo clients!) I was feeling frustrated with the results I was seeing about stretching. […]

Cancer and Exercise Help with Chemotherapy Side Effects

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Cancer and Exercise: Help for Chemotherapy Side Effects Exercising during cancer treatment  sounds like a tall order.  And with little wonder.  We all know about the side effects of cancer treatment, and in particular chemotherapy.  It can take more strength than you thought you had to fight through these symptoms.    So why would someone suggest […]

7 Great Exercise Benefits for Post Surgery Cancer Patients

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7 Amazing Exercise Benefits for Cancer Patients SHARE ON SOCIAL! Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on twitter Share on linkedin Exercise Benefits for Cancer Patients Right After Surgery It’s easy to look at the results once something’s complete and say “Of course that worked”.  That hindsight gives us 20/20 vision and we wonder […]

Five Ways to Decrease Risk of Cancer Recurrence

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Decreasing the Risk of Cancer Recurrence SHARE ON SOCIAL! Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on twitter Share on linkedin When you’re diagnosed with cancer there’s a whole host of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you go through.  And the reason – simply put – is that the doctor just informed you that you’re […]

Are You Pushing Yourself Too Hard?

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Are You Pushing Yourself Too Hard? Sometimes it’s really hard to find the balance.   On the one hand you’re fighting through all of the physical and emotional struggles that come with a cancer diagnosis AND the treatment.   On the other hand you have your Oncologist, cancer websites you’ve been reading through, research articles (that you’re […]

Chemotherapy Side Effects Treatment for Chemo Brain

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Research published over the past year has shown promising results for a treatment for chemo fog – also known as chemo brain. That’s the non scientific name for the cognitive issues that can affect cancer patients after treatment.

A Breast Cancer Patient’s Rehab Story

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I get really fired up when I see someone being taken advantage of – something unfair that just shouldn’t be happening – especially to cancer patients.
Last week I witnessed this type of injustice with a patient we’ll call Jane. Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery just over a year ago followed by chemo.

Eliminating Chemotherapy Side Effects for Thousands of Women

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Chemotherapy Side Effects Unecessary for Many Women SHARE ON SOCIAL! Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on twitter Share on linkedin No Need for Chemotherapy for Thousands of Women Extraordinary news from the U.S. on a study conducted by doctors from a number of cancer centers including Memorial Sloan Kettering, Dana-Farber, Vanderbilt University and […]

Five Steps to determine if Cancer Prehab is Right for You

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I’ve created an Exercise Journey Worksheet for Cancer Patients (see the link below). I want you to complete this honestly. Remember, this is just you talking to yourself. Use this worksheet as a tool to help figure out not only why you want to exercise but to find the barriers in the way of you making a positive choice for yourself.