Get Started with Balance Exercises

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Balance Exercises are Important for Functional Fitness HIT PLAY AND WATCH THE VIDEO! Add Your Heading Text Here Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Why You Need Balance Exercises There are many reasons why balance exercises should be part of our function […]

3 Mobility Exercises to Improve Walking

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Mobility Exercises to Improve Range of Motion CLICK BELOW AND WATCH THIS VIDEO TRAINING. Mobility Exercises and Functional Movement You may be thinking…. I can get outside for a walk but I need more.   Well here you go.  Here are a few mobility exercises that will help you work on functional movement.  It’s […]

Ankle Mobility Exercise to Help Breast Cancer Patients Walk Properly

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WATCH THE TRAINING VIDEO BELOW! Ankle Mobility is the Focus but There are Lots of Benefits This is a complex exercise for breast cancer rehab that focuses on ankle mobility but covers so much more to help you decrease pain and walk better.  There’s no getting around that.   And that’s why I need you […]

Breast Cancer Exercise For Better Balance

Breast Cancer Rehab

CLICK BELOW AND WATCH THE VIDEO TRAINING Breast Cancer Exercise So you’re wondering what your next step is, why you’ve been doing breast cancer exercise that focuses on rehabilitation.  That means working on your range of motion, proper body biomechanics, and movement efficiency to help with fatigue. It’s definitely a time that’s required to […]

6 Mobility Exercises: Where to Start After Breast Cancer Surgery

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HIT PLAY BELOW AND WATCH THE VIDEO Mobility Exercises for Shoulder Pain Post surgery, breast cancer patients need to start with mobility exercises as soon their surgeon provides their consent. Movement is vital because improved mobility helps to: decrease pain decrease swelling improve range of motion reduce lymphedema risk return to daily activities   THE […]

Cancer Exercise Requires Individual Prescription

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Cancer Exercise Rehab is Unique for Each Patient I was sitting on the sofa reviewing some research articles as I sometimes do with my morning coffee.  Besides the really bad ergonomic posture of doing this with a laptop (don’t tell my ergo clients!) I was feeling frustrated with the results I was seeing about stretching. […]

Rehabilitation Therapist Explains What Exercise Means

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Rehabilitation Therapist Explains What You Need to Know About Exercise I saw a patient yesterday who was in a lot of pain.  She said, “When I feel this bad, I can’t exercise”. That made me lean in a bit more and ask some questions.  I needed to get to the bottom of this because, “Come […]