Cancer Rehabilitation supported by Cancer Care Ontario
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Marian Barnick

Marian Barnick

Registered Kinesiologist and Human Movement Specialist


Cancer Rehabilitation Supported by Cancer Care Ontario

I was trying to catch up on ‘things’ Sunday afternoon.  I usually try to workout in the morning.  It really does start my day off right and puts me in a better frame of mind all day long.  


But this morning I couldn’t get to my workout first thing as my son was on the ice this morning for a hockey practice.  So, before lunch I jumped on the elliptical and was completing some post cardio stretching and looking through the latest posts on LinkedIn.


I was intrigued by a link from Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) to a radio interview that was done with Dr. Linda Rabeneck.  She is the Vice-President of Prevention and Cancer Control at Cancer Care Ontario.


Here’s the link to the to the CCO post on LinkedIn.

Cancer Care Ontario LinkedIn Post


The interview’s main focus was on health equity and the prevalence of cancer related to  demographics.  CCO has recently updated their 2016 Prevention System Quality Index: Health Equity Report.


But I want to point out Dr. Rabeneck’s basic message made right at the onset of her interview.  She spoke about chronic disease risk factors – and listed cancer as the number one chronic disease.  Dr. Rabeneck said that the four biggest risk factors for chronic disease are:

  1. alcohol
  2. tobacco
  3. unhealthy eating
  4. physical inactivity


These “Big Four Risk Factors” account for the majority of chronic diseases in Ontario.  These are also important to review when reviewing the benefits of Cancer Rehabilitation.


And of course, as a Registered Kinesiologist, I inherently focused on the risk of physical inactivity as I know, through my education and experience, about the amazing benefits exercise has brought to my patients and clients.  As a Cancer Movement Therapist, my core exercise beliefs are continuously supported by the amazing research showing improvements in the lives of cancer patients through exercise.  


Cancer Rehabilitation is an important component in recovery.


So, as the week starts tomorrow, contemplate your choices, try to make them healthy, and pass along this message to your loved ones.

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