Is Walking Making You Tight, Sore, and Tired?
Let’s Change That.

You’ve been trying to walk more, but aches and pains are keeping you from reaching your goal.

You’re spending time trying one stretch after another with no success and no relief.

You just can’t seem to figure out what’s causing the pain.

 You need help to figure out what’s causing your pain.

Because you once you know what’s wrong, you can treat it.

breast cancer rehabilitation

The Foundations Walking Guide for Breast Cancer Patients

A Guide created to take you through all the areas of movement that cause pain because of tightness and loss of mobility.

Those tight muscles need some TLC to help you go from from breast cancer patient to Kick Ass Thriver.

Ready to Get Started?

Foundations Walking Guide for Breast Cancer Rehab 1


4 movements that support and stabilize

Foundations Walking Guide for Breast Cancer Rehab 2


2 movements essential for full stride length

breast cancer exercise


6 moves to fire those glutes and fine tune your stride

Becoming a Kick Ass Thriver


There’s a Gap.  The Gap between Breast Cancer Patient and Kick Ass Thriver.  The Gap exists  because patients haven’t been given the tools to help them on this journey. 


The message is clear: breast cancer patients should exercise.  But where’s the program, the process, the strategy to get there?


Patients are frustrated with trying to achieve their Goals, trying to do as the doctor ordered and get more exercise, only to end up with aches, pains, and fatigue that slows them down and eventually stops their progress.


Let’s figure out what’s getting in your way of reaching your Best Potential.  


We need to start with the Foundations.  


The Foundations First Framework is a training method designed to help you achieve your Activity Goals.


Let’s figure out how you’re moving, what’s getting in the way, and help you Level Up and continue on the journey of being a K.A.T.


The Foundations first framework 

breast cancer rehabilitation

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