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An Assessment You Can Do On Your Own

I provide you with tools and techniques to evaluate each shoulder movement so you know what’s working and where you’ll need some help.


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Learn and Share

Exercise has amazing benefits for cancer patients.  Learn why cancer patients should add exercise to their treatment.


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A Safety Checklist

Fatigue effects up to 90% of cancer patients.  Research has shown that exercise can help reduce fatigue but make sure you do it safely.


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Empower Yourself

When you know what’s causing the pain, what’s tight, and what’s keeping you from your fun activities, you have the foundation to start making it better.  


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A Self Paced Workbook

If you’re contemplating exercise, if you’re afraid to start, if you have doubts as to whether you’re able, this Workbook is for you.  Work through each step including the Behavior Section.


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Be There First

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*Always ensure your safety by checking with your Regulated Health Care Professional before you begin any new movement strategy.

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