Functional Fitness with Sit Squats
Marian Barnick

Marian Barnick

Registered Kinesiologist and Human Movement Specialist


Make Sure You Have Great Functional Fitness with Foundational Moves

We all want to improve how we feel and Functional Fitness is amazing to help us move forward no matter where we’re at in our health and fitness journey.



You may have just completed surgery, treatment, and feel so fatigued that you can barely get out of bed or tie your shoe laces.  But you’ve got a goal.



Your goal may be to:

  • get back to your favorite dance class
  • sign up for a fitness program
  • jump back into your online yoga classes
  • and just not feel like your body is limiting you from the daily activities that used to be so easy you didn’t even think about them.

I want you to push for these goals, but I’ve got news for you.


As much as these exercises classes can help you feel great, they can also increase your pain and actually cause injuries.



If your body isn’t moving well, then each time you go through a routine, a set, a posture, you’re stressing your body and risking injury.



Functional Fitness Helps You Avoid Injuries

The pain you feel is your body telling you something’s wrong.



Your biggest risk on the road to recovery is jumping into a fitness class without making sure your body is ready.  And you know when it’s ready.


Because the moves, the class, the routine pushes your body enough to be a great workout but doesn’t leave you feeling like:

  • You can’t keep up
  • You should be avoiding some of the moves
  • You have to overcome pain to complete the class
  • The swelling after class will eventually go away
  • That if your body will eventually learn what it needs to do.

Your body isn’t going to learn what to do unless you teach it.  And once you’re in a fitness class, it’s past the learning time.  That’s the DOING time.



You need a Functional Fitness plan that works specifically for you.  On the areas where you’re tight, sore, injured so you come to class ready for a workout.



If you haven’t checked in with your body.  If you haven’t been listening to what it’s telling you, you need to set your foundation before you level up to the classes.



You owe it to yourself to take your body seriously.  It’s talking to you with the aches, pains, and swelling.



Take the Sit Squat Challenge.  Watch the video and then click this link.  You have a chance to win $50 off one of Marian’s upcoming Live Online Trainings.


Sit Squat Challenge Entry


Setting your foundations, by using a program like the Foundations First Framework, makes sure your body is ready to perform.  It’s ready to be challenged to get stronger, more fit, and feel awesome.



Setting your foundation through proper movement therapy and functional fitness

  • Lowers your injury risk
  • Gets your body ready to improve not hurt
  • Ensure proper neural muscular input for the best training and improvement
  • Let’s you enjoy your workouts instead of dreading them


Neural Pathways and Functional Fitness

The body develops movement patterns and they all build on each other to develop into the skills you want for your higher level activities.


Yes, reaching forward as part of rehab can seem pretty basic, but if you don’t teach your body the proper way to reach – as in setting your foundations – then you’re body will accommodate and continue to move the way you’re currently moving.


If you’ve started a rehab program, if you’ve had surgery and are working on range of motion, the WAY you move – the HOW – is the most important piece of training to succeed with your functional fitness and your higher level activities.


If you’re starting out by building a faulty foundation, then you’re going to ending up with aches, pains, and long term injuries or an inability to ever reach your best potential.

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