Abnormal Gait Problems and 3 Ways to Fix It

abnormal gait

The Best Way to Fix Abnormal Gait Patterns is to start with the Foundations of Walking. Check out these 4 Steps for Proper Walking to make sure you’ve got proper body alignment for each phase.

Functional Fitness with Sit Squats


Make Sure You Have Great Functional Fitness with Foundational Moves We all want to improve how we feel and Functional Fitness is amazing to help us move forward no matter where we’re at in our health and fitness journey.     You may have just completed surgery, treatment, and feel so fatigued that you can […]

Get Started with Balance Exercises

balance exercises

Balance Exercises are Important for Functional Fitness HIT PLAY AND WATCH THE VIDEO! https://youtu.be/K0yf24sq5bo Add Your Heading Text Here Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Why You Need Balance Exercises There are many reasons why balance exercises should be part of our function […]

Breast Cancer Exercise For Better Balance

Breast Cancer Rehab

CLICK BELOW AND WATCH THE VIDEO TRAINING https://youtu.be/PHncpGqtykU Breast Cancer Exercise So you’re wondering what your next step is, why you’ve been doing breast cancer exercise that focuses on rehabilitation.  That means working on your range of motion, proper body biomechanics, and movement efficiency to help with fatigue. It’s definitely a time that’s required to […]

Calf Pain with Walking After Breast Cancer

calf pain with walking

CLICK PLAY AND WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW https://youtu.be/YJUa_SxCduM Painfree Walking After Breast Cancer What’s Causing Calf Pain with Walking for Breast Cancer Patients?   Do you even give your ankles a second thought when it comes to your exercise?   I’m guessing that you’ve probably been working on shoulder mobility, and you’ve been trying to […]