Online Gait Training for:

pain free walking
After breast cancer

You didn't give it a Second Thought when they told you to start walking.

Walking will help you feel better they said.

It’ll help with the fatigue, improve your energy, help you get that weight off.

And it’s that first step to getting back to an active lifestyle. 

And since you’ve been walking for decades – how hard can it be?!?!

And as you worked on reaching your walking goal you started to worry.

So why do your calves aches so much?

Where did this back pain come from?

Who’s stabbing me in the hip every time I take a step?

And why do I feel like collapsing on the couch as soon as I take off my sneakers?

Why is something that's supposed to be good for me hurt so much?

breast cancer rehabilitation

Our bodies don’t move like they used to – and it changes how we move.

We compensate for old injuries.

Our joints get tighter.

The waist line a little bigger.

And the muscles a little smaller.

Oh, and let’s not forget about surgery, treatment and the host of side effects.

These all add up.  And your body starts to pay the price.

Live Interactive Gait Training with Marian

private secure online classroom
just for the breast cancer community
everything you need to evaluate, educate, and learn what your body needs to ditch the pain and reach your goals

This 2 hour Online Interactive Training gives you take-away strategies for tangible results


understanding the way you want your body to move, the flow of each part of the system so you understand and focus on your key components in the evaluation


step-by-step strategy to review each component of your walking
breaking down each area to check your abilities and determine inefficiencies and imbalances

personal strategy

determine exactly what you need to improve in the 3 foundations of mobility, stability, and strength to allow progressive endurance through walking

ankle mobility

hip tightness

knee pain

What You'll Learn in this Online Training

Why your body's reacting with aches and pain and fatigue

How to re-train your body for proper alignment and a pain-free gait pattern

How to Create your Unique Program that's exactly what your body needs

No more frustration

No more feeling overwhelmed just thinking about walking

No more FEAR that you’re injuring yourself every time you take a step

No more shopping around and hoping to find a solution

WORSE – no more settling and thinking there’s nothing that you can do!

You're not alone with this problem.


because you were told to go walking and you'll feel better but you're just feeling worse


because you can't find the solution, you're told to just keep trying, and the pain and fatigue are wearing you out to the point of quitting

selective functional movement assessment


because you don't want to complain about something that should be so simple


because you had big goals to be healthy, lose the weight, get active....and it feels like you're falling short

How We Create Your Success

gait training

gait analysis


personal strategy

I'll teach you everything you need to CREATE
the strategy to reach your goals

What We'll Cover

Movement Evaluation

Hip Stability Check

Gait Pattern & Stride Review

Joint Positioning for Pain Reduction 

Use of Core for Your Best Stride

What You'll Learn

Your Priority Moves

Mobility / Stretches based on your Movement Evaluation

Corrective Strategies for Motor Control and Stability Issues

Functional Program to ensure proper Movement Patterns


What You'll Get

Your Personal Movement Strategy

The Move Well Plan to reach your Goal of Free Walking

Video Access to your Top 3 Corrective Strategies

Follow Up Group Consult Meetings


MAY 28, 2020


2 hours of personal coaching and expert training



private Secure Online Classroom

Limited to Women in the Breast Cancer Community

Participant number is limited to ensure a positive Experience and Insightful Coaching