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Live Online Gait Training to help you reach Your Goals

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You Need To Attend This Live Interactive Training Session

This is a two hour action packed live training on May 28, 2020

Training is Live, Interactive, and all about Gait Training

Start time is 12 PM EST so make sure you’re ready to go. 

Access to this Group Training is limited to provide a great experience for everyone attending.

Full action packed Evaluation, Functional Assessment & Movement Strategies.

Question and Answer Period to support your learning and give you specific strategies.

Take Away Action Plan so you can get started Immediately!

This Training and Strategy Session is $247

Everything you need to know so you can Move Well and feel great when you walk

What you've been told...

Exercise is SUPPOSED to help you feel better

You've heard the messages - over, and over, and over again. Exercise is GREAT for breast cancer patients.

But now that you're in the trenches, you're doubting that message.

In fact, you think it might be BS!

But stick with me for a minute....

It's not the message, It's The Gap.
The GAP is the space between the message and the results that were promised.
In order to get all those awesome benefits, it's not just what you do but HOW you're moving.

It's teaching your body the right way to move, and YES - even for walking.

When your body talks to you through those aches and pains, it's telling you it needs some TLC.

And the TLC comes in the form of Moving Well with proper stretching and corrective exercise

Portrait of an active older woman resting after workout

Are you ready to reach your Best Potential?

What You'll Learn

How to Listen to Your Body

Do you know what your body's telling you? When you get that pulling, tugging, tightness, do you know what it means?

Let's review this together.

Learn to understand the signals from your body. Why it starts to ache and what's causing that burning sensation after you start moving.

What can you consider a warning sign and what's a STOP sign for your activities.

This is your first step to get in tune with your body.

What Your Body Needs

Pain happens for a reason.

And I don't want you wasting your time and energy on exercises and stretches that won't get to the root of the problem.

I'll teach you The Foundations First Framework.

You'll learn how to break down your movement patterns to find the dysfunctions in your activities.
Then the rest is easy.

Because you'll know exactly what to work on.

Your strategy will be focused.

Your Instructor

breast cancer rehabilitation

My goal is to provide exceptional Movement Therapy so every breast cancer patient has the opportunity to become a Kick Ass Thriver!

Marian Barnick, Registered Kinesiologist
Cancer Movement Therapist

I believe that Movement is Power and it provides us with much more than just physical benefits.
But that's where we start.
We start by teaching our body how to Move Well.
And with that solid foundation, we're able to progress.
And this is how we achieve our Best Potential.

breast cancer rehabilitation

Why you need this training

To Fill The Gap.

This training will give you exactly what you need so you can truly feel and believe in the Power of Movement.

If you've been thinking or feeling any of these statements here, this is the training you've been looking for.

You want all the benefits that were promised to you if you exercise. But you're feeling frustrated and actually kind of angry because you're not getting the results.

No one told you how to fill The Gap; how to take all that exercise advice and turn it into a reality to reach your activity goals.

You don't need to be told all about the benefits of exercise; you need to know how to make it happen.

Education is great, you're all about learning; but you need an action plan, something you can use right now.

Something must be wrong and it can't just be the hormones. Please just watch me move so you can tell me what's truly wrong and not that it's just in my head.

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Just $247.

breast cancer rehabilitation

The Details

My one-on-one clients pay up to $500/hour to learn how to Move Well.

I want you To Move Well.
I want you to Walk without pain.
I want you to have all the tools to make a difference in your energy level, your physical ability, and your belief that you can do it.

So we're doing a 2 hour training for just $247!

I always make sure you know that as a Regulated Health Care Professional, safety comes first.
I want you to ensure you're ready to exercise by discussing your abilities and gaining consent from your primary care physician and/or Oncologist.