Breast Cancer Exercise to Help with Neck Pain after Surgery
breast cancer rehabilitation
Marian Barnick

Marian Barnick

Registered Kinesiologist and Human Movement Specialist


breast cancer rehabilitation
Marian Barnick

Marian Barnick

Marian is a Registered Kinesiologist and Movement Therapist teaching clients how to decrease pain and tightness, improve abilities, and feel better both body and mind. Marian's practice focuses on busy high achievers and breast cancer patients.


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Range Of Motion is Required for Breast Cancer Therapy

Many breast cancer patients get neck pain after surgery for one simple reason.  

They’re using their neck muscles to compensate for the lack of mobility in their shoulders.  

It’s the body’s natural way of helping you with functional tasks but these compensations come with a cost and one of them is neck pain.

It’s a very common occurrence for breast cancer survivors, especially if you’re doing shoulder shrugs as one of your rehab exercises.  

Shoulder shrugs actually tighten the upper trapezius muscle causing neck pain and headaches.

The truth is that post surgery, breast cancer rehab should not include shoulder shrugs.  

The do NOT improve shoulder range of motion.

Get all the details in the video above or click the link below to find out WHY shrugs are a No-No.

Why You Should Not Do Shrugs after Breast Cancer Surgery

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Exercise Benefits and Improving Quality of Life for Breast Cancer Patients

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