Learn to Walk Properly

And Stop The Knee Pain That’s Slowing You Down

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Live Interactive Gait Training Workshop

If you're like most dedicated people, you've worked hard to improve fitness and performance.

But you're wondering...

  • Why are my calves burning after my workout?
  • Where did this back pain come from?
  • Who’s stabbing me in the hip every time I take a step?
  • And why do I feel like collapsing on the couch as soon as I take off my sneakers?

Why is something that's supposed to be good for me hurt so much?

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Our bodies aren’t perfect.

And neither are our movement patterns.

Old injuries, perhaps a surgery, maybe a car accident…

Even after we recover, our bodies still compensate.

We still use the body positions and movement patterns that developed to help us when we were injured or recovering.


What You'll be Learning

The #1 Cause of joint pain when you walk and run

Is there Really a Proper Walking Posture?

How You Can Determine if You're Walking with Improper Movement Patterns

What your body truly needs to decrease pain in your knees (and hips)

How to Create your Unique Corrective Program that's exactly what your body needs

  • No more frustration
  • No more feeling overwhelmed just thinking about walking
  • No more FEAR that you’re injuring yourself every time you workout
  • No more shopping around and hoping to find a magic solution
  • WORSE – no more settling and thinking there’s nothing that you can do!
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