Do You Need a Kickstart?


If you do, I’ve got you covered.

Because You Have Goals!



is the foundation for both body and mind.

Let’s do this together.  

From the comfort of your home, we’ll meet virtually via Skype or Zoom.

 We’ll review your health, your diagnosis, treatment, and most of all your goals.

Where do you see yourself in 1 month, 3 months, a year?

woman stretching tricep

Research shows that patients who are provided with the proper exercise protocols feel better and move better.

Quality of Life is directly related to living the life you choose and this starts with empowering yourself and making a commitment to your goals.

Yes, it can be overwhelming to think of taking this step.  And you might be scared to ask for (more) help.

  But no one can do it alone.  And that includes you.  

I’m here with both the physical and emotional support you need to kickstart  your journey of health and wellness.

Once we complete the Health History and Movement Assessment, I develop your personal program, exactly what you need, based on your abilities, your schedule, and your health history to reach your goals.

And over the next four weeks I’m right here to support you.  

Your access to videos giving you all the exercises, tips, tricks, warnings, and timings gives you a No Fail way to feel amazing.

And…you get unlimited support from me.  

I’m just an email away with same day response during regular business hours to ensure your program is running smoothly, you’re motivated, safe, and feeling awesome.

Your Kickstart Program

  • Initial Consultation
  • Provision of Health Forms and Review
  • Movement Assessment
  • Complete Kickstart Program based on your assessment and Health History
  • Four weeks of email support
  • Access to Private Facebook group just for Breast Cancer Patients
  • Second Online Consultation, Program Review, and Program Uplevel
  • Access to Breast Cancer Exercise Video Library


I’ll provide you everything you need to Kickstart your movement program.

But it’s way more than that.

This program is the start of your journey back to health because movement isn’t just for your body.

Once you see the progress you can make each step that you’re able to take toward your goal, your energy, your motivation, and your empowerment, will soar.

What’s holding you back?

You know exercise is medicine for breast cancer patients.  And I’ve got your back.

For over 25 years I’ve been providing safe, effective movement strategies to patients just like you so that they feel better, move better, and can create their New Potential.

Fee: $997 

I Need a Kickstart!  

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