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If you’ve got a goal but not a plan, learn how to Move Well

Getting Pain when Walking?

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Are You Getting Pain when You Walk?

Is your shoulder pain interfering with work and play?

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Cancer Movement Therapy
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DO you know that exercise has amazing benefits for cancer patients?
Even during treatment?

One of the reasons patients don't add exercise to their daily routine is fear.
Fear of overdoing it. Fear of not knowing what to do. And honestly, fear of getting started.

If you know that exercise can help you...but don't know where to start...
Let me help.

I've been working with patients for over 25 years and I know I can help you.


I want you to be informed because Knowledge is Power.

There can be a lot of questions and skepticism when you're asked to try something new. And that 'new thin' may be exercise.

My role with "Research Review" is to keep you up to date on good information and also ensure that what you're hearing about exercise is based on good supported research.

Check out the latest Research Review. This study reviewed breast cancer patients who had sentinel lymph node biopsies. They were followed for up to 7 years to determine symptoms and side effects from surgery.

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