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Rethink Breast Cancer

I’m so honored that Rethink Breast Cancer asked me to contribute and support their young women breast cancer movement.

Click the link below to read my article and learn how to identify the special ergonomic needs for breast cancer survivors who are working from home.

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Get Your Name on the List so you’ll know when online training, education, training and workshops open for enrollment.

Training and Workshops include exercises for shoulder pain, shoulder mobility, and shoulder range of motion as well as strategies to help improve your walking including calf pain with walking.

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Where to Start....

Breast Cancer Movement Schedule

Pain with Walking?

The Breast Cancer Guide to Pain-Free Walking
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If you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, or you’re going through treatment, the thought of exercise can be overwhelming and more than a little scary.  

The Exercise Readiness Workbook was developed just for cancer patients and takes you step by step so you can make a safe decision about exercise that’s right for you.

Wondering About Breast Cancer Rehab?

Stay Safe with Exercise

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The Best Stretches When You're Working From Home

Wondering Where to Start?

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Marian Barnick

Functional Movement Screen

If you know that you should be exercising.  

And then….

You Stop.

 Because you don’t know 
where to start
what’s safe
and if you’re really ready to begin.


If you’re ready to start say good-by to fatigue, to start moving without that pulling, and to reach and bend without pain, 

let’s get you started EXACTLY where YOU need to begin.


Mobility Exercises Are Essential for your Best Potential 

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