3 Mobility Exercises to Improve Walking
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Marian Barnick

Marian Barnick

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Mobility Exercises to Improve Range of Motion


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Mobility Exercises and Functional Movement

You may be thinking….

I can get outside for a walk but I need more.


Well here you go.  Here are a few mobility exercises that will help you work on functional movement.  It’s also a good place to start with core exercise for beginners.



Although walking is a good exercise – especially right now when we’re ensuring social distancing– breast cancer patients can be affected by hip pain with walking as well as knee pain when walking.



This can occur for a number of reasons including decreased range of motion, an imbalance between the right and left sides, and deconditioning, which can bring on tight ankles and pain in the shoulders if you start to ‘pump’ your arms when walking.


Mobility Exercises

That’s why cancer rehabilitation and working on functional movement including shoulder range of motion is extremely important.  Because how you move, including your shoulders,  absolutely effects walking.



What’s also important is working on your core and neutral posture.  That’s a great benefit when you use proper placement of your feet for these exercises.



Check out this video if you need to improve your core as well as your balance.


Help for Pain Free Walking


Your body learns to compensate to find the easiest way to complete tasks.  So if you’ve gone through surgery, through treatment, there can be reasons your body isn’t moving with proper alignment.



By being aware of human movement strategies you can correct your alignment.  And this is a key component not only for reducing pain in the hips when you walk but also for decreasing fatigue.



When your muscles are always working, which is what happens when you’re out of alignment and not able to be in a neutral posture, it takes way more energy and ‘fuel’ to maintain these positions and you get fatigued more quickly.



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