Arm Raises


Lie on your stomach with support under your hips as needed.  

Straighten arms up overhead ensuring elbows are straight but not locked and thumbs toward the ceiling.

Raise one arm as high as you can, maintaining a neutral body position.

Hold for 2 seconds and lower.  

 Repeat on the other side.

Repeat 10 times each side if possible.

Make sure not to lift the chest and that the neck is in a neutral position. 

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Any exercise or corrective strategy provided by Marian Barnick assumes that each patient/participant is aware of their health history, any limitations they may have with respect to exercise, uses sound judgment with exercise participation and has received consent from their Health Care Practitioner before engaging in any exercise or corrective strategy.    If there are ever any changes in your health or suspected changes that may affect your safe participation in exercise, seek advise from your treating Health Care Practitioner before continuing with any exercise.