Proper Breathwork Improves Movement Therapy
Marian Barnick

Marian Barnick

Registered Kinesiologist and Human Movement Specialist


Breathwork to Improve Movement Therapy

Breathwork to Improve Quality of Life for Breast Cancer Patients

Mobility Exercise and range of motion work are important factors as part of cancer therapy.

But breathwork is also a key component to healing and needs to be incorporated not just to assist with mobility in the rib cage but to improve the results of movement therapy programs.


Not only is it helpful for relaxation and imparting mental health benefits, but breathwork helps with movement of lymph through the system and a lymphedema exercise that should be included in a comprehensive cancer therapy program.

This video is a bonus to Monday Moves with Marian #16 and takes you through the four steps to start getting all the amazing benefits from Diaphragmatic Breathing.  A good place to start with your breathwork.

If you’re not sure of all the benefits that breathwork can provide, watch the video and see why you should take a little time each day to add this style of breathing to your routine.


I also give you a demo of what the breathing looks like (even though I HATE doing the demo!) because some of us are visual learners and we need this type of info to give us better insight into how we should be moving.


If you’ve got questions, please let me know.  


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