This information is provided as an overview. Please contact our office should you require specific information to meet any of your needs.

best place to meet single plus size dating online gay personal web site first dates online In order to participate in the services offered by Marian Barnick INTL (indicated as MBI) the client must have the availability of a computer/tablet and internet access.  Marian provides her meetings/appointments virtually and therefore  each patient/client must ensure they have the equipment to access the link sent by MBI.  

If any exercise equipment is required, MBI will provide a link to purchase, primarily through  Most recommendations of corrective strategies with use of equipment will also be provided with modifications to use household items or no equipment.

MBI operates in the Eastern Time Zone (EST).  Availability to personal appointments with Marian are available to ensure all time zones have access to support and service.

Programs and Services provided through MBI have a specific start date.  If there is an indicated duration for the Program/Service, it commences on the indicated start date of the Program/Service.  

The patient/client will have access to course material after the end date of the Program/Service, with the availability length  provided during the Program/Service so you have plenty of time to work at your own pace.  However, any personalized service provided by Marian or her team terminates at the duration of the Program/Service.

A login will be provided to access any online material.  Please keep this safe.  It is only to be utilized by the patient/client participating in the Program/Service.  

All meetings/consultations are scheduled between Monday and Friday EST.

Very simple – payment for Programs/Services/Course are non-refundable.

1. Because we sell online Products/Services containing information from Marian’s 25+ years of experience it makes it impossible to return or set a date for a trial period.  If you’re unsure of teaching style, personality, or whether the course is for you, jump on a Zoom call with Marian and get answers to all your questions before you commit.

2. Marian provides this expertise through her time in reviewing, training, consulting, and evaluating with each patient/client and this cannot be returned.

3.  I understand you may second guess your decision.  But my experience tells me this is fear.  Fear of moving forward.  But I am going to help you with the commitment you made and that you know you need as well.  The No Refund Policy helps too.

4.  I know my stuff – and it’s good stuff.  I have put my heart into my services to my clients/patients and I work to ensure clients are MORE THAN satisfied.  

Of course I’ll respect your time and I ask that you respect mine as well.

Any questions before you commit? Just send me an email:

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