Does It Feel Like You're Stretching 24-7
after Breast Cancer Surgery

and you're Still in Pain?

breast cancer rehabilitation



If you’re like most breast cancer patients, you received a pamphlet of stretches you were supposed to do after surgery.



The same stretches given to millions of other woman.



Have you ever wondered if every woman needs exactly the same stretches?


Have you ever wondered if you need to do all of the stretches?


Wondered if you should just do the easy ones – 

or maybe just the hard ones?



Hmmm….should these stretches still be hurting?



What I know for sure is that you’re really wondering how long it’s going to take for these stretches to start working because you’ve still got pain and you’ve still got tightness.


What if I told you that you can cut your stretch time in half and improve your shoulder range of motion by doing one simple assessment?
shoulder range of motion

Your shoulder moves six different ways and the generic breast cancer stretches after surgery cover ‘something for everyone’. 

That means you’re wasting time and energy on stretches you don’t need and not spending enough time on what YOUR body actually needs. 


No wonder you’re feeling fatigued!!!

Breast cancer patients are missing out on an assessment of their shoulder ranges of motion to determine exactly what exercises they need to get rid of the pain and tightness.

That’s why I created the Online Shoulder Flexibility Test.



So breast cancer patients, just  like you, can stop wasting valuable time and start feeling better by discovering exactly what movements are causing pain, feel tight, and need help.



So you can stop doing ALL the exercises and concentrate on what’s going to help you feel better and move better.





This Step-by-Step Assessment guides you through all six shoulder movements so you can determine which ones are easy for you and which ones cause tightness and pain.


That way, you’ll know exactly what to focus on.


AND what’s even more important, you’ll learn exactly HOW you should be moving your shoulder through all six ranges so you’ll decrease your risk of injury and make all your day to day activities easier.


So Click the BUTTON Below and Start Your Personal Assessment to start feeling better, moving better, and reaching your Best Potential 

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