Terms and Conditions

This information is provided as an overview. Please contact our office should you require specific information to meet any of your needs or if you need further advice or verification.

In order to participate in the services offered by Marian Barnick INTL (indicated as MBI) the client must have the availability of a computer/tablet and internet access.  Marian provides her meetings/appointments virtually and therefore each patient/client must ensure they have the equipment to access the links sent by MBI or access the Private Patient Groups.  

Unless stated as benefit of the Program/Service, each patient that participates is responsible to ensure their safety to complete any indicated movements, exercise, correctives, or stretches with the recommendation by MBI to obtain consent from their Surgeon and/or Oncologist prior to participation.  As each patient has risk factors beyond which could be known through an initial consultation, MBI cannot warrant the safety of the Program/Service or any move identified within video, picture, or consult for each individual and warrants only that each identified movement or corrective is identified to bring about the indicated benefit prescribed identified.

If any exercise equipment is required, MBI will provide a link to purchase, primarily through Amazon.com.  Most recommendations of corrective strategies with use of equipment will also be provided with modifications to use household items or no equipment.

MBI operates in the Eastern Time Zone (EST).  Availability to personal appointments with Marian are available to ensure all time zones have access to support and service.

Information provided on this website, downloadable materials, pdfs, and social media posts is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or individual treatment requirements. Always seek the advice of your health care professional regarding your specific medical and functional requirements, abilities, and limitations.

Prior to completing any exercise protocol, it is recommended that clearance be obtained from your Surgeon and/or Oncologist.  If there are other systemic or musculoskeletal diagnoses, symptoms,  or possible injuries, the proper treating practitioner should also provide clearance.

Each individual has tolerances and abilities, limitations and restrictions that differ from others.  Therefore the pace and progression for each person through a mobility and/or exercise protocol relies on many factors, some of which that may require the input of a specialist within a particular scope of practice.   It is at the sole responsibility of the patient/client of Marian Barnick, to ensure that they have sought out medical attention for any issues, diagnoses, or symptoms for which there may be underlying pathology that could influence their ability to complete any exercises or corrective therapies that have been indicated, reviewed, or discussed by Marian Barnick or outlined on her website, printed material, or pdfs.  If in doubt, contact your Family Physician, Oncologist, Surgeon, or Marian Barnick to discuss prior to participation.

If at any time during participation in any portion of movement suggested or recommended by Marian Barnick that brings about negative symptoms or symptoms of which you are unsure, stop the movement and seek appropriate assistance based on the symptom/s.

The provision of information related to a third party or third party sites does not imply an endorsement or sponsorship of such party, site, their products or services that may be offered by the third party.  

Medical Clearance from your regulated health care professional directly involved in your current treatment and has knowledge of your medical history should be obtained prior to commencing any new exercise, exercise protocol, or attempting any exercise, stretch, movement, or group coaching/training discussed or demonstrated by Marian Barnick.

This includes any social media outlets, Zoom Calls, or conversations that provide movement information by Marian Barnick.

It is in your best interest to ensure your safety when participating in any movement therapy, new movement, or exercise.  Do not attempt any movement for which you are not cleared.  If you feel any discomfort or feel there may be a risk to you participating in any movement, exercise, test, or stretch identified in any way by Marian Barnick, do not attempt the movement or if you have attempted the movement terminate your participation and seek the proper treatment/advice from a regulated health care professional.

Please contact Marian directly should you wish her to discuss specific exercise protocols with your Surgeon, Treating Health Care Professional, or Oncologist prior to your participation in any individual, group, or course protocols.

Programs and Services provided through MBI that have a specific start date run from the date indicated in EST.   If there is an indicated duration for the Program/Service, it commences on the indicated start date of the Program/Service.  

The patient/client will have access to course material after the end date of the Program/Service, with the availability length provided during the Program/Service so you have plenty of time to work at your own pace.  However, any personalized service provided by Marian or her team terminates at the end of the Program/Service unless specifically stated within the Program Outline.

It is at Marian’s discretion for each Program/Service to continue providing online support through any of her Private Groups after the duration of the Program/Service.

A login will be provided to access any online material.  Please keep this safe.  It is only to be utilized by the patient/client participating in the Program/Service.  

All meetings/consultations are scheduled between Monday and Friday EST.

Pricing indicated for Programs/Services is for the duration indicated and cannot be discounted based on late sign in or late sign up for the Program/Service.  All fees are in USD and payment is due prior to the onset of any programs, courses, or trainings.

Should you be covered for services through insurance or extended health care benefits, it is the responsibility of the patient/client to request this payment through their provider.

Very simple – I want you to be happy.  No, I want you to be elated!

For Personal One-on-One Services, Marian offers a free consultation prior to purchase to ensure Marian’s teaching style, personality, and the content is just what you need prior to your financial commitment.  To ensure your commitment to your health and therefore commitment to your Service, Personal One-on-One Services have a No Refund Policy.  I know that fear may come into play post purchase and it may be easier to request a refund than face your fears and move forward.  But my experience tells me that once you start and we work together, you’ll build confidence, feel empowered, and not look back.  I take my role very seriously and work diligently to help you gain the benefits from movement therapy.  Talk to me personally if you have any questions or concerns prior to payment.

For Online Courses / Services  I want you to do the work.  I want you to put in the effort and see the results.  If you don’t feel satisfied that the course/service offering is meeting your expectations,  show me your work and ask for your refund.  It’s as simple as that.  This simple refund policy is offered for any Program/Service that extends beyond two weeks in length.  Cut off dates to request a refund and provide a copy of your work are 20% of the length of the course.  For courses less than 2 weeks in length (including but not limited to Bootcamps, mini-courses, trainings etc.) Marian offers a ‘quick consult’ and you can personally speak with Marian to review any concerns prior to payment which is deemed a final payment without refund once a Program/Service of 2 weeks or less is purchased.  I want you to be thrilled so let’s discuss any blocks prior to purchase.

I understand you may second guess your decision.  But my experience tells me this is fear.  Fear of moving forward.  But I am going to help you with the commitment you made and that you know you need as well.  Let’s do this together.

I know my stuff – and it’s good stuff.  I have put my heart into my services to my clients/patients and I work to ensure clients are MORE THAN satisfied.

Of course I’ll respect your time and I ask that you respect mine as well.

Any questions before you commit? Just send me an email:  info@marianbarnick.com

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