Your body – and your spirit – have been through a lot.  

Let’s get you moving toward your new potential.

Aches, Pain, Tightness, Injury, Surgery

It could be one of these – or all of these.

But what matters is that you’re tired of being tired.  And tired of being in pain.

But you haven’t been able to do this on your own.

You’re frustrated with everything that gets in the way, but at that moment  seems more important than carving out time for yourself.

You know you’re not 20 anymore but should you really feel like your knocking on the retirement home’s door?


Training and Accountability

with Marian


Let’s talk.

What do you want to accomplish (your goals) and what’s getting in the way? (Maybe you’re not even sure).

But what you are sure of is that you’re committed. And need some help.

When your day’s filled with so many things coming at you, needing your attention, 

you put yourself on the back burner.  

So we’ve got to carve out a plan that works for you.


After we analyse your movement patterns as well as your goals, we setup your program – exactly what you need to improve, progress, feel better, move better

And knowing your schedule, your commitments, and that you truly have only 24 hours a day.

Your program is for you.  Daily, weekly, and monthly. 

We have check ins – oh yes!  

I set the time frames to check back in – to text me that you’ve met the goals of the day.  

And we have accountability calls, weekly or monthly so we can evaluate your progress and up level your program based on your progress.

Starting at:  $500/month
3 month minimum

Training & Accountability Options

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly Personal Programming
  • Daily Accountability Checks via text
  • Personal Video Library of Exercises & Correctives
  • Zoom calls for consultation and Program Up leveling
  • Program Observation through Video Conferencing
  • Online Accountability Checklists for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goals
  • Unlimited email support
  • Onsite Training Review (travel extra)
  • Sport specific Readiness Program
  • Sport Coaching for Golf, Tennis, and Running
  • Gait Analysis and Mileage Checks
  • BS Meter Calls
  • Energy & Alignment Trainings

Is this what you need?

It starts with your Initial Consultation.

We’ll determine exactly what you need and exactly what you want.

We’ll discuss your barriers and your goals.

My job is to create the Program of Success based on our Consultation.

We’ll discuss my recommendations and how you move forward with me as your 

Trainer and Accountability Coach.

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