walking after breast cancer
Marian Barnick

Marian Barnick

Marian is a Registered Kinesiologist and Movement Therapist teaching clients how to decrease pain and tightness, improve abilities, and feel better both body and mind. Marian's practice focuses on busy high achievers and breast cancer patients.


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Painfree Walking After Breast Cancer




I’m assuming you don’t even thing about them.  You know you’ve got some shoulder mobility work to do, and you’ve been trying to get in your walking, but you haven’t given your ankles a second thought.


Well, what if I told you your ankles were the cause of those aches and pains you’ve got when you’re walking?

Your ankles are slowing you down.


Your ankles are causing your knee and hip pain.

Would you think I’m full of ???


I’ve been evaluating movement for a long time (more than 25 years) and I’ve been treating patients with aches, pains, and movement problems just like you.


So hear me out for a minute. 


Breast Cancer Rehab is a vital part of the recovery process. And in order to help patients achieve the success they want, and reach their activity goals, you’ve got to figure out what’s getting in the way – what are the deficits that are stopping you from your goal.


In order to make sure your body’s ready to achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself you need to have a sold foundation. That’s where movement comes in as the first level of this framework.


So in this week’s #MondayMoveswithMarian I’m going through Level 1 of the Foundations First Framework for walking and we’re going to break down Level 1 for ankle movement.


This is your foundation for painfree walking after breast cancer and for walking it’s key to make sure what’s hitting the ground is able to move properly for a great stride and to keep you balanced on uneven ground.

Want all the support?  Check out the video.


And make sure to grab The Foundations Walking Guide.  Created to help you move from breast cancer patient to Kick Ass Thriver.

Just click here:

Free Foundations Walking Guide

Pain Free Walking After Breast Cancer 1

Marian Barnick

With 25+ years experience, Marian’s passion is teaching clients how to use movement to reach their best potential. 

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